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Cisco Managed WiFi Solutions

Euroweb provides high-density wireless solutions that cover both seamless mobility and BYOD based on Cisco Wireless. The solutions rely on high-density scalable infrastructure that enables access to network & internet resources with the same Quality of Service that is usually perceived when using a wired network. Cisco’s Wireless cluster can facilitate the propagation of BYOD under maximum safety. Each user connected to the wireless network will have guaranteed coverage and unrestricted access to all network services based on profiles defined per classes of traffic. Regarding specs and standards we deploy only hardware capable of supporting 802.11ac Wave 1 & 2 capable of seamless roaming and on-the-fly error control and management algorithms (Clean Air) and able to deliver anything from n x 10Mbps to n x 1Gbps (multi-gigabit solutions can be delivered only over Wave 2 capable Aps: 2800 & 3800 series).

We work exclusively with mid-range and top-end AP series (2xxx & 3xxx) in conjunction with dedicated appliances for traffic & AP management (2500 and 5500 Series controllers) able to scale to n x 1Gbps traffic with minimal impact on operating costs. On top of the wireless cluster analytics software and telemetry tools can be used to generate powerful marketing metrics such as visitor number, traffic patterns or time spent in a given area. These services are especially valuable to high density environments such as malls and airports where user patterns can be successfully transformed into retention tools or they can be used to simplify access to various services. Predefined wireless Internet access packages are available for various corporate events while custom tailored solutions are available as part of our consultancy services.

Unifi Managed WiFi Solutions

Ubiquiti Networks provides a variety of high-speed wireless networking aimed at growing businesses covering small to medium environments. Unifi is the commercial brand for Ubiquiti’s Wifi system that combines enterprise performance, unlimited scalability and a centralized management platform. Featuring the latest 802.11ac technology the APs support a variety of standards, come with 3 x 3 MIMO integrated dual-band radios and antennas and are especially suited for deployment in bandwidth-demanding and/or high-coverage scenarios. Euroweb uses both outdoor and indoor models as part of our wireless solutions portfolio and can deploy them in conjunction with layer 2 & 3 appliances that cover underlying services such as NAT, DHCP and routing. All APs also support PoE+ for easy and fast installation.

The wireless APs are clustered together under a single management umbrella: Unifi’s Controller Software. The software platform is a powerful, enterprise-grade wireless management engine ideal for high-density client deployments that require the lowest latency combined with the highest uptime metrics. The controller software allows for virtually unlimited scalability (hardware dependent) under a single instance that can be further split into “per-client” instances due to its inherent multi-tenant capabilities. It also supports custom map uploading for the easy creation of heat maps and visual representation of a certain wireless network. Furthermore the software can deliver alerts, event notifications and natively supports guest portals with built-in or external web authentication, rate and time limits via a voucher based system.